Fight for our trade
Fight for our trade


The Electrical Trade is under attack. The Turnbull Government and business interests are trying to reduce our pay, downgrade industry standards and make it harder for apprentices to get a start.

There are three crucial areas under attack, that we’ll be fighting for;


icon1 Apprentices

The Turnbull Government has made it illegal for unions to protect apprentices in workplace agreements – so it’s no surprise that there are fewer apprentices than ever before completing the electrical trade.

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icon2 Wages

The Turnbull Government has effectively green-lighted the spread of labor hire across the industry, This means big businesses are forcing their employees onto unfair and unregulated short-term contracts, with fewer rights and benefits, that undermine pay and job security.

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icon3 Licenses

In an effort to cut costs and make bigger profits for themselves, major employers are pushing for the electrician license to be scaled back and broken down. This erosion of the trade will be bad for workers, bad for the consumers and ultimately bad for employers.

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