Fight for our trade
Fight for our trade

Fight For Our Apprentices

For more than 150 years the heart of our trade has been a commitment to train the next generation of workers. But today there are fewer apprentices than ever before learning the trade.

In the past apprentice numbers were protected by placing ratios in Enterprise Bargaining Agreements. For example, for every ten workers the contractor would be required to have one apprentice under training.

But the Turnbull Government has passed laws that make it illegal to protect apprentices without breaching the Construction Code, meaning employers cannot bid for government work or be sued if it agrees to these clauses.

Think about it – the Turnbull Government has made it illegal for unions and their members to protect apprentices in workplace agreements.

Instead the government wants to make it easier for employers to import foreign workers to fill the skills gap that this short-sighted policy will create.

ETU members are standing up to fight for the next generation of workers to ensure apprentice ratios return to EBAs. To do this we must fight back against the Turnbull Government.