Fight for our trade
Fight for our trade

Fight For Our Licenses

Currently all electricians have a licence that means they have comprehensive set of skills that meet safety & quality standards.

In a fast-changing electrical industry, with new technology, workers need the full licence to remain intact in order to keep our trade strong and provide opportunities for the future.

But in an effort to cut costs and make bigger profit, major employers are pushing for the electrician’s licence to be scaled back and broken up.

In the US the electrical license has been broken up, workers can qualify in a specific skill sub-sets like residential wiring, lighting technician, fire alarm technician or sign electrician and that’s all they are qualified and permitted to do.

Eroding the trade will be bad for workers in the industry, bad for consumers and ultimately bad for employers who will struggle to find a workforce with the depth of skills to cope with a changing industry, deliver on quality and safety and to draw on a workforce with comprehensive and transferable skills.

We must fight any moves to down-grade our trade by breaking up the electrical license. Watch the video below and then sign up to join the campaign